Here at Student Village Asrama, we are like a family seeking to exemplify Green School’s vision as “a community of learners making our world sustainable”. Our mission is to inspire people from Bali and around the world to live and share a sustainable lifestyle.

Sustainability begins with each and every individual, which is why everyone at Student Village shares a passion for community, learning and personal wellbeing.

To fulfill this purpose, we are learning by action. We are on a continuous journey to make our eco-village environmentally more sustainable and regenerative on our power, waste management, water, organic food from our horticultural gardens and of course, living in harmony with the Balinese spirits!

Whether you plan to stay in our bamboo accommodation in one of the village’s 2 neighbourhoods, enroll in a workshop, or visit our local cooperative to learn more about the natural, organic products we produce in the village, Student Village will offer you the opportunity to connect with nature, learn about sustainability and engage with the village community and our local Balinese neighbors. 

Sharing the love, compassion, and happiness, you will be able to engage with our commitment to making a better world by living as green as it is possible in honor of Mother Earth.

We enable and encourage our community to learn, to share, to inspire and to collaborate. Together we can live and share a sustainable lifestyle.

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

− Margaret Mead

"Thanks for keeping planning memorable experience up until the last day at the SV. We really appreciate for all the caring towards our kids."

− Maria Stefani

"My Dear Edu, We had an amazing half year. In those 6 months, with the help of a lot of people but mostly you, I grew more than I have ever grown in my life. I am so grateful to have had you leading me trough this journey. In Bali you were my father, my teacher, and my role model."

− Max Wöltje, Germany