Experience a boarding program rooted in sustainability, love, compassion and growth. 

The Student Village is a fully immersive experience for Green School Students. As a resident, you’ll connect with nature, engage with local Balinese villagers, and grow and harvest your own food as part of a team.  We exemplify Green’s School’s vision to make the world a better place. Grow under the guidance of mentors, and connect with students from around the globe.  

"I always find myself telling people about you guys and the village. They always ask me “What was your favorite part of the experience in Bali”
And I always say: My second family who I lived with."

− Sam Jackson, USA

"Thanks for keeping planning memorable experience up until the last day at the SV. We really appreciate for all the caring towards our kids."

− Maria Stefani

"My Dear Edu, We had an amazing half year. In those 6 months, with the help of a lot of people but mostly you, I grew more than I have ever grown in my life. I am so grateful to have had you leading me trough this journey. In Bali you were my father, my teacher, and my role model."

− Max Wöltje, Germany