The Community Houses within our eco-village are located just 5 minutes walk from Green School, and provide the perfect opportunity for long-term residents including Green School families and staff who want to fully immerse themselves in our community and experience a sustainable lifestyle.

All homes are built out of bamboo and are open to the environment and natural elements. Fall asleep to the natural sounds of the jungle, have a swim in the natural spring pool by the Ayung River on your doorstep and walk around our permaculture gardens to learn about the different herbs, plants, vegetables and fruit that we grow and consume sustainably. Take advantage of our workshops and community learning right on your doorstep.

If you are Green School parent and want to inquiry about housing, please e-mail

community gatherings

A community is about getting out of our houses and routines to get to know our neighbors a little better. Real community is not designed by geography or address but determined by how we choose to interact with those who live around us. The deeper aspect of this is about caring, loving, and sharing experiences. Challenges are inevitable, and so are the subsequent transformations that result because of them.

We enable and encourage our community to learn, to share, to inspire and to collaborate. Together we can live and share a sustainable lifestyle.


All of the houses are independent, equipped with bamboo furniture, basic kitchen appliances, stove, refrigerator, water disposal, bed sheets (2 per bed), pillows, mosquito nets and towel (1 per person).

The rent includes water, internet, electricity*, 24-hour security, access to our gardens and maintenance of the bamboo structures.

*electricity (limited watts per month – any extra will be charged )

grown your food

We grow food without the use of chemicals that pollute our soil and water. Our organic garden relies on the use of beneficial insects, diversity of plants, and the use of compost to supply the soil with nutrients. The garden is always a work in progress; we aim to learn by doing!

Residents staying a minimum of 6 months will be offered a piece of land where you can learn to grow your own food.