Student Village has created a space for local Balinese employees and students from the neighboring villages to develop a cooperative where they will produce, learn, teach and share many of the products we are already serving to our kids in the boarding program.

The Koperasi was born as a community empowerment initiative, from the desire to increase the monthly wage of Student Village staff and local students’ families while sharing with others the sustainable lifestyle we have adopted here in the village. By making the eco products available for sale that we are already producing for the village community, we hope to inspire people to take action and change their habits towards a more natural approach to beauty, home care, and food.

At Student Village, enterprise and entrepreneurship are not subjects; they are ways of being and doing. We believe in learning with a purpose, educating for sustainability through community-integrated, entrepreneurial learning – developing the skills, habits, and attitudes for people to own their learning and have an impact on the world.

Teaching and learning at Student Village is embedded in the local environment, built around a mutual exchange of learning with the local community. Together we work better and in harmony, incorporating traditional knowledge and supporting each other in discovering new skills and possibilities. In addition, sustainability in this context means a long-term focus on empowering and integrating local change makers, who can build on our relationship a sustainable vision for their own future.

beauty products

Our natural beauty products are made with fresh ingredients grown in our garden and sourced locally, protecting both your skin and the environment by avoiding harsh chemicals . Pamper your hair with our divinely scented Aloe Vera, Kefir Lime and Patchouli Conditioning Shampoo, or moisturise your body with our luscious home-made Coconut Oil.

cleaning products

Gentle on your skin and the earth, our cleaning products are made from natural locally sourced ingredients and are free from harsh chemicals. Our All-Purpose Natural Cleaning Spray provides a simple, inexpensive and effective way to clean a variety of surfaces in your home. We will be developing the range to include a dish washing liquid made from soap nuts grown locally in Bali and a natural laundry soap, beautifully scented with essential oils to keep your clothes fresh.

healthy food

By eating organically grown food, we nourish our bodies with real food containing nutrients we need to thrive and prevent from diseases.

By eating locally produced food we reduce our carbon footprint and at the same time support indigenous agriculture and local farmers.

By eating food grown and prepared with Love, we nourish our souls. That’s the most important ingredient!

herbal plants

We are developing a range of herbal medicinal products and remedies based on traditional Balinese healing methods, working with our staff to maintain their local knowledge and pass it down to the younger generations. Products will include healing oils, balms and remedies for massage and ingestion.

beeswax wrap

The natural alternative to plastic wraps for food storage. Made with organic cotton, beeswax, organic jojoba oil, and tree resin. Beeswax Wrap is washable, reusable and compostable.

You can wrap fruits, vegetables, a crusty loaf of bread, cover a bowl, or pack a snack for your next adventure.

community service

Every day the Student Village staff come together to work in the Koperasi and make products to sell in the Green School shop and at the Green School Farmers’ Market. Come and join them from Monday to Friday between 13:00 to 15:00 to help out and learn how to make each of the things we produce here in the village.