Breakfast and Dinner are shared together as a family in our community area. Our meals are planned with a conscious effort toward the health and wellbeing of our students AND Mother Earth. We believe in offering gratitude for each meal, giving thanks to our staff, the earth, and the amazing company of one another!


Student Village is surrounded by flourishing permaculture gardens that are accessible to the students at any time. We encourage the kids to be hands-on with their food production and learn the skills it takes to grow food independently. Student Village hosts gardening days weekly where students can join after school and get their hands dirty!


Students are responsible for kitchen household chores including washing dishes, tidying up, setting the table, etc. Once a week, a student will volunteer to be the chef and cook dinner with the help of the staff and their peers.

community day

Once a week after school, the students are engaged in a Community Day. This day is about planting seeds, literally and metaphorically! Activities include gardening, food labs, waste management, trash walks, arts and crafts, and other team building exercises. Student Village seeks to foster a positive mentality about health & nutrition and sustainability practices.

walking to school

Student Village is a 5 minute walk to Green School on the other side of the Ayung River. Walking to school is just one of many ways that our students are are inspired to connect with their natural surroundings. Students get to cross the iconic Millennium Bridge on a daily basis.

after-school activities

After-school activities are provided by Green School on a term-by-term basis. These activities are offered Monday through Thursday afternoons from 3:30-4:30 PM. Activities vary from sports, arts, music, dance, cultural education, and more.