the village

Student Village is a neighborhood comprised of 9 beautiful bamboo houses. These structures are open to the environment and natural elements. 

community area

The Wave House is the heart of Student Village. This is where we come together as a family to prepare and eat meals, have meetings, light bonfires, play games, and watch films in our cinema room.

bamboo dorms

Student dorms are separated by gender and age. Rooms are shared on a rotating basis. The dorms are equipped with full kitchen facilities, study halls, hang-out areas, and bathrooms with composting toilets and showers. Supervisors live with students in each dorm.

natural pool

When it gets hot here in Bali, we are lucky enough to cool off in our natural pool next to the Ayung River!

permaculture garden

Our gardens were designed using permaculture design principles. We use the whole landscape at the Village to plant edible gardens for food, fiber, culinary herbs, and medicine.

recycling center

As an educational tool, student residents are responsible for collecting and separating their own waste and then taking it to our recycling center. We then evaluate our waste at the end of each week to determine where it goes beyond Student Village.