Healthy, delicious, home-made food is one of our top priorities! The Student Village Program Fee includes breakfast, dinner and snacks.  

On weekdays, breakfast and dinner is prepared for the students at the Student Village. All meals are shared together as a family. Lunch is eaten at school. On weekends, all meals will be prepared at Student Village and eaten onsite with the exception of scheduled activities. Healthy and homemade snacks and drinks are available for students to enjoy.

We offer a variety of both Western and Indonesian dishes. The menu embraces food from different cultures, but using local ingredients. As part of the experience of being in Bali, we ask the students to be open to new and different flavors.

Our belief is that being sustainable means minimizing the use of imported food as well as food containing dangerous or polluting chemicals. For this reason, the menu at Student Village was developed by a specialized nutritionist following these basic principles:

organic and whole

By eating organically grown food, we nourish our bodies with real food containing nutrients we need to thrive and prevent from diseases.

local and fresh

By eating locally produced food we reduce our carbon footprint and at the same time support indigenous agriculture and local farmers.

lots of love

By eating food grown and prepared with Love, we nourish our souls. That’s the most important ingredient!