Protocol for Student Village

Here at Student Village, the Management team consider the health, safety and welfare of staff members and students to be of paramount importance therefore, creating and maintaining a healthy and safe environment is a responsibility we take seriously.

Part of our philosophy is to have a deep engagement in the natural environment, which presents inherent risks. We recognize that it is in an unusual site environment due to its location and facilities and thus the types of risks to our staff and children are different to a normal, urban school environment. With clear policy and procedures in place to protect students, staff, and visitors , Student Village has done the utmost to minimize those risks with the understandingthat they cannot be fully eliminated.

The Student Village on the one hand, and individual boarders on the other, have justifiable expectations of each other, including:

·       Boarders have a right to expect that the Student Village will provide a secure, nurturing environment to leave in.

·       The Student Village Manager expects students to behave in a way which will contribute to such a safe, friendly environment; it cannot tolerate behaviour which undermines this principle

With this in mind, each Student Village Health and Safety Policy section is a statement of our commitment to the health and safety of our students and staff as our penultimate goal and includes the most important details of that commitment. This policy is accompanied by protocols and procedures and other supporting documents which are available for review.

Firts Aid Clinic
School Hours

Green School has a First Aid Clinic which is managed during school hours by a qualified nurse. A system of protocols is in place to manage minor first aid needs and emergency situations on camputsat all times during school hours as well as for field trips off campus. Green School maintains a vehicle on standby to transport injured or very unwell students or staff members to an appropriate medical facility for treatment of non-emergency cases. Click here for ‘Medical Clinic Protocol’

This year, a partnership has been established with First Responder ambulance service from Toya Medika Clinic in Ubud and Siloam Hospital in Kuta to ensure that an efficient and experienced rapid response team can be on site as soon as is possible in more comprehensive cases.

After School Hours and Weekends

After school hours and during the weekends any emergency will take the boarders straight to the main Hospitals in Bali, or evacuation to Singapore, according to the Insurance that parents provide. The Student Village Manager will not respond for any medical treatment that is not covered by the students individual insurance. Make sure your kid has the best insurance policy possible to cover Bali best hospitals and evacuation.

In all events of medical emergency, parents will be immediately informed by the school.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ensure that you notify our Admissions office ( if your contact details change. It is crucial that your contact details are up to date at all times in the event of an emergency.