Eduardo Petta

Head of Boarding Program

Educator, lawyer, journalist, traveller, surfer, soccer fan, father of Tiago and Luisa. Born in Brazil in 1970, Edu Petta worked as a travel writer for 18 years with his wife, Ibu Carol, publishing articles about sustainability in brazilian papers. After they had kids, education became his life. He scored a Master in Science of Communication in Portugal and journeyed to Green School in 2011. SIx years later, he finds himself surrounded by everything he loves and believes in.


Supervisor / Operations

Educator. English/Bahasa Indonesia teacher. Dog lover. Family girl. Ugie dreams in have a library for children in Singaraja (North of Bali), her hometown. Before, working as an English Teacher at MEI and in a local  NGO, she arrives at Student Village with her helpful smile.

Kitchen Team

Ibu Puspa, Iluh, Dania and Ibu Ayu

Kadek Puspa is our Balinese mother and Chef, bringing to our table the best of local and international cuisine. She is always looking for something fresh, healthy and organic to feed us with a large list of options. Together with our amazing kitchen team, they make our meals a delicious time.

Housekeeping Team

Ibu Made, Dewi, Ibu Putu Krishna

Our housekeeping team makes sure Student Village is always clean. Like all Balinese, they are always willing to help. We ask that our students help them as well!

Maintenance Team

Agung, Nhgurah and Eamon

They are that kind of invisible guys who make everything happen. All the paths and maintenance from our villlage goes trough their hands. Sooner or later you will need these guys help.


Pak Made Oka and Pak Budi

A local from our beloved banjar SIban Kaja, Pak Wayan Budi and Pak Made Oka know every little place in Bali. They don’t need google maps to take us safely around the island!

Gardening Team

Ibu Nyoman and Ibu Sekar

If you like our beautiful edible garden, join your hands to our gardeners. With her deep knowledge of all medicinal and traditional balinese plants, Ibu Nyoman is responsible to put fresh and organic vegetables on our table.